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About Us

Did You Know? 

You have a choice in choosing your physical therapy provider. Why Choose Rachow Physical Therapy? 

At Rachow Physical Therapy your therapist will take a "whole body" approach to evaluating your condition and will create a personalized program to help you get back to your day to day activities and athletic performance to help you achieve your specific goals. 

Don't have an injury? Looking for a prevention and wellness program? We can help with that too!

A place for the whole family. Along with extensive adult care, we offer treatment for  pediatric conditions such as torticollis and delayed gross motor skills to help them achieve their highest functional level. 

We are experts at evaluation, treatment and prevention! Using evidence based evaluation and treatment we offer manual therapy techniques, dry needling, neurological reeducation, balance/proprioception training and therapeutic exercises. Rachow Physical Therapy helps patients to overcome whatever impairment life may throw their way. 

Rachow Physical Therapy was established in 2018 with the goal of providing the best out-patient physical therapy care for Liberal and the surrounding areas. 

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